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Our History


  Various attempts were made in the preceding years of establishment of GCMDF to form the doctors fellowship but it was not successful. The earliest recorded was a fellowship that was formed in the 1960s. This was led by Prof Dr. Konotey Ahulu. The fellowship which consisted of doctors, nurses and other health care workers was called Ghana Health Workers Christian Union((GHWCU) and they met at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. This fellowship virtually collapsed when its leader had to travel for further studies in the United Kingdom. This fellowship was said to have started Accra Chapel in the 1970s which is a non-denominational evangelical church.

In the 1980s the fellowship was reactivated with an outreach program. It was called GHANA PRISON FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL (GPFI) which worked with PRISON FELLOWSHIP, USA

Another significant problem which was a mixed blessing, that led to doctors coming together for prayer was when a doctor developed a renal failure and had to be transported to the USA. The then future pastor of Accra Chapel, Rev. Walter Pimpong who was in USA played a significant role in sending the ill doctor to the USA. A Christian doctor, Dr. Edem Agama played a significant role in managing him. All these activities resulted in the formation of the DOCTORS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. This later became defunct.

In 1996, a group of Ghanaian residents met in Ibadan for an examination. Prior to the exams they met regularly to pray for the exam. A year after the exams the question came up; “We met and prayed for exams in Nigeria and we are now back home. Why don’t we start a doctors’ fellowship in Ghana?” This zeal of the young residents gave birth to GCMDF: Ghana Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship (GCMDF).

GCMDF was inaugurated in Korle Bu in 1998. The founding members included Prof Lawson, Dr Ken Aboah, Dr Ninepence, Dr Fiakpornu, Dr. Kuaofio, Prof Onike – Rodrigues, Prof Bamela, Rev Prof Ayertey, and Dr Quarm – Goka. Residents in various departments ie. Drs Appeadu – Mensah, Edem Tetteh, Ivy Ekem, Justina Ansah, Chris Amenuveve, Amable, Margaret Lartey, Dr and Dr Mrs Kitcher, and medical officers like Dr Gbolu – Teye with house officers and medical students were also founding members of the fellowship.

The 1st Annual General Meeting was held in 1999 at GIMPA. The president was Prof Nkyerkyer and Prof Agbenorku was the vice president.

Past presidents are Prof Nkyerkyer, Prof Pius Agbenorku, Dr. Appeadu-Mensah and Dr. Hope Glover-Addy.

GCMDF joined the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) in 2006 at the ICMDA conference in Australia. It is important to note that previous attempts at registering the fellowship at ICMDA conferences in Mexico (1980s) and South Africa, Durban (1990s) were not successful.

The GCMDF hosted the ICMDA Quadrennial Conference for West Africa in 2008 at Langma Beach Hotel in Accra.

The fellowship has had two surgical outreaches at Adjena and Shai Hills, medical outreaches in Kumasi and Tamale, visitation to Kumasi Central and Ankaful Prisons and outreaches and counseling sessions in various second cycle schools.

Venues of national conferences so far

  • Accra: GIMPA, Nurses Hostel, Langma Hotel, Pentecost Convention Centre
  • Akuse: VRA Guesthouse 2x, Shai Hills Hotel 2x,
  • Kumasi: GStaff Hostel 2x, Kings Tower Hotel, Silicon Hotel, Freeman Guesthouse
  • Tamale: UDS guesthouse
  • Koforidua: Catholic Pastoral Centre 2x
  • Cape Coast: Sasakawa Guesthouse 2x