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“With Christ, Everyday is Valentine’s Day”

In the grand symphony of love, let me paint a scene,
Where every day is bathed in the hues of serene.
For with Christ, love’s essence is not bound by a date,
It flows endlessly, beyond the confines of fate.

In the world’s pursuit of love, we often find dismay,
Chasing fleeting emotions, like petals in disarray.
But with Christ, love’s foundation stands firm and true,
A steady beacon, guiding me and you.

On Valentine’s, we exchange tokens, sweet and dear,
Yet with Christ, love’s currency is ever clear.
It’s not in lavish gifts or words that fade away,
But in the grace and mercy that He displays.

In every sunrise’s golden hue, in every gentle breeze,
In every whispered prayer, and every bended knee.
With Christ, love blossoms in the mundane of life,
Turning ordinary moments into pure delight.

No need for grand gestures or extravagant displays,
For in Christ’s embrace, love simply stays.
It’s in the kindness we extend, the forgiveness we impart,
That everyday becomes a canvas for love’s art.

So, let us celebrate this truth, with every heartbeat’s sway,
With Christ, everyday is Valentine’s Day.